Full Wedding Coordination

Planning a wedding does not have to be a stressful experience. This is a magical time in a couples relationship and should be something that is fun and memorable.   

Getting to your wedding day is half the fun.  First things first, you need to select a date and find the perfect venue that fits your personality, style and vision 

for your wedding day.  

Once you have done that, then the real planning can begin. 


(Included but not limited to...)

*Getting to know each other meeting.  Make sure that we are a good fit for each other and that you are comfortable with me and the services that I offer. 

*Unlimited phone and email communication from the date of our contract. We can also schedule at least 2 additional face to face meetings at the venue or an agreed location to make sure we are on the same page with all of the planning. 

I would also like to be present at any food tasting 

meetings as well. 

*Will provide you with tools for planning and budgeting 

to keep you on track 

Included is a Wedding planning timeline, Wedding appointments log, Wedding budget planner, Wedding guest list worksheets, Photography checklist, Ceremony and reception details worksheet and a wedding stationary guide. 

*Vendor Referral and suggestions

(The couple will ultimately select all of their vendors and will pay them directly)

I can provide you with recommendations and contact information for amazing vendors that I have worked with over the years that do a fabulous job.   

Once your vendors are selected I will need copies of all your   service agreements/contract. 

Your Vendor selection is critical to a perfect wedding and something that takes time and effort to put together  the perfect team. 

*Creation of a timeline for your wedding day that includes the rehearsal.

Communication with all of your vendors 2 weeks in advance of the wedding to make sure everything is all set. 

All vendors will be sent the timeline as well. 


A wedding rehearsal will be scheduled that meets the Venue’s requirements and availability as well as mine, yours and your wedding party.  I will be present to orchestrate the rehearsal and make sure that everyone knows what to expect on the wedding day.  This usually takes about one hour.  


My goal on your wedding day is that you never have to stress about a thing.  I will be at your venue a minimum of 2 hours prior to the ceremony time (earlier if necessary) and will work closely with the venue and all of your vendors to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.  

*Ensure that the venue has set the room as per our instructions and room diagram.

*I will handle any personal items or decor that needs 

to be placed in the reception room.  

*As each vendor arrives I will make sure that they are set as per their 

contract and your specifications.

*Buffet, Wedding Cake and Dessert Displays are one of my specialties, so I will ensure that your food is beautifully displayed by working closely with your caterer and baker 

(Or whomever is providing your wedding dessert) 

*Will assist your florist with placement of your centerpieces and make sure that the wedding party gets their personal flowers and that all corsages and boutonnieres are pinned on the Ladies and the groomsmen.   

If doing your own centerpieces and decor I will assist in their 

proper setup and placement on the tables  

*Prior to the ceremony will get all guests seated and communicate with the officiant and DJ/Musicians as to the start of the ceremony.  I always try to stay on time, but understand that things can happen to delay the start of the ceremony.  We will be in close communication all day leading up to the ceremony start time.  

*Will direct guests after the ceremony to the reception location and will monitor the cocktail hour and food service. 

*Following photos, will communicate with your photographer and DJ/Emcee as to the grand entrance.  

*Will work closely with the venue staff and vendors to follow the timeline throughout the remainder of the reception, working closely with the DJ/Emcee to make sure all 

announcements are made.  

*Will facilitate the cutting of the cake/dessert. 

*Once the reception has concluded will make sure that all personal decor items are collected and that all gifts/cards have been removed from the reception 

and safely placed in vehicles. 

*Ensure that all vendors have been paid and distribute any 

thank-you cards or gratuities if needed.

*I will be prepared to handle any unforeseen situations that may arise and will use my professional judgment when making decisions in regards to weather issues, vendor situations, timing issues or last minute changes 

and will keep you apprised of the situation as needed. 

 $1500 (2019 Pricing)****$1750 (2020 Pricing) 

$500 Non Refundable Retainer Fee

 Due Upon booking my Services 


Day-of Wedding Coordination

 (Included but not limited to...)

For the couple that is very involved and hands on in the planning of their wedding but come wedding day just want to turn everything over to a professional 

so they can enjoy their special day.  

This is especially helpful for backyard weddings so that 

family members can enjoy the day as well. 

Included in the day of coordination is a face to face meeting 

one month prior to the wedding. 

At this time we will go over everything regarding the wedding, vendors, decor,, etc.  

I will communicate with your venue and all of your vendors, and 

prepare a timeline that meets your approval. 

During this month, unlimited phone and email is included. 

Everything listed above under WEDDING REHEARSAL AND WEDDING DAY included 

 $1000 (2019 Pricing)   ****   $1250 (2020 Pricing) 

$500 Non Refundable Retainer Fee 

Due Upon booking my Services 


Event Staffing

 I have access to servers and bartenders

for your event if needed

at $25.00 per hour per staff